Student Internship

7th Judicial District Department of Correctional Services

General Statement of Duties:
A Student Intern may perform in a learning orientation capacity the same duties as a Residential Officer or Counselor, a Pretrial Interviewer, or a Probation/Parole Officer. A Student Intern is required to be in the process of undergraduate or graduate work in a corrections or Human Services related field in order to qualify for an Intern position. Under general supervision, performs various tasks throughout the 7th Judicial District men’s residential facility at the RCF and Men’s/women’s work release facility.
If you are majoring in Human Services, and interested, please consider completing an internship with the 7th Judicial District Department of Correctional Services in Davenport, Iowa.
Location Davenport Iowa Residential Correctional Facility 1330 West 3rd Street/Work Release Center 605 Main Street
Inquire and set up for internship through your professor; point of contact for 7th District: waylyn DOT mcculloh AT iowa DOT gov (563) 322 7986 ext. 5830
Examples of Work:
Gain knowledge of the court system and how community corrections assist in the rehabilitation of offenders.
Gain working knowledge of district policies and procedures; familiarizes self with interdepartmental procedure.
Assist in entering and updating core information into the offender network system.
Assist with keeping offender case files up to date and organized.
Under staff supervision performs searches of offenders, their quarters and property. Also searches other areas within the facility and may be required to search facility visitors. Identifies and confiscates contraband and follows departmental policies on contraband disposition and chain of evidence.
Assist Residential Officers with facility intake processes when appropriate.
Assist in the conducting of room searches, vehicle checks, and general property searches as needed and in conducting facility counts to ensure that all offenders are in assigned locations.
Assist in conducting facility grounds checks and identify potential hazardous or dangerous situations and communicate concerns with facility staff.
Assist staff in the conducting of urinalysis and breathalyzer tests on offender population according to department policy.
Assist staff in facilitation of classes and treatment groups related to this department.
Supervise offenders while they participate in recreational activities.
Gather property of offenders who are placed on escape status or removed from the facility for other reasons.
Assist facility staff in conducting employment and furlough checks.
Assist in the disciplinary process by gaining knowledge of facility policy, and hearing and investigation processes.
Assist in filing documents into offender’s files, or appropriate locations as needed.
Assist in research of programming as requested by management staff.
Other duties as assigned by staff.
Desired Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
Ability to read, understands, and apply Departmental policies to a variety of situations.
Ability to use effective interpersonal skills in dealing with offenders, staff, and the public.
Ability to relate effectively and with sensitivity to people of a different gender, culture, or ethnic group.
Special Requirements:
Must satisfactorily complete required pre-internship application / screening / background investigation to include criminal history data.
The Davenport RCF and WRC operates 24/7. Flexible scheduling available as needed or required and may be arranged upon acceptance.
Essential Functions:
Must have sufficient sight, hearing and communication capabilities to observe and report actions of offenders, both verbally and in writing.
Ability to perform offender/visitor and facility searches in order to maintain the security of the facility.
Ability to travel to various locations to satisfy job requirements such as furlough and employment checks, transporting offenders, participating in training, etc.
Ability to utilize available technology in the performance of job duties.