The Sex Offender Treatment Program was specifically designed to help reduce sexual abuse victimization by providing treatment to those offenders who commit sex crimes. To address the increasing number of sex offenders assigned to supervision, the department has developed a comprehensive supervision and treatment program that utilizes specially trained staff (GPS Officers) to monitor high risk sex offenders assigned to GPS monitoring to ensure public safety. The SOTP program involves assessment, evaluation, professional counseling, perpetrator treatment groups (active and maintenance) and intensive supervision of sex offenders, either within the residential facilities or under intensive supervision.

The goal of treatment is to reduce the risk of re-offending and make self-management possible. The outcome of treatment lies with the offender. By admitting their crime fully, acknowledging and accepting responsibility for their behaviors, feeling remorse and developing empathy with their victim, new skills can be learned so that there will be no new victims. Sex offender treatment appears to be a major factor in reducing future criminal behavior.